Sunday, October 14, 2012


Through our life science unit, we have watched caterpillars turn into butterflies and insects turn into ladybugs. We also have tadpoles that we are keeping an eye on! Also in science, we had the opportunity to dissect owl pellets!

September book project

September book projects were puzzles that the kids made after reading a realistic fiction book. They did an awesome job with this project!

First Field Trip

The first field trip of the year was a success! (September 24th, 2012)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Biography Book Projects

During the month of March, the third graders each read a different biography (or in some cases, autobiography) book. After reading the book, they wrote a speech from the point of view of their character, and created a "poster person" or costume based on what they learned. They did a GREAT job with this! I have pictures of each presentation- let me know if you'd like me to email you a copy!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Which is Better- the New Way or the Old Way?

I think the old way for bookbinding is better because the pepole who did the book do a good job. The new way is good but the pages are easy to rip. so that's why it is better the old way. -Cassidy

I think dogs should be a dollar becoase people want dogs but they dont have any money and they want a friend! I have 2 dogs one is named Pippa and the other one is Harrey! There there the cutist puppies EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! I'v had other dogs in the past but they died. THE PRICES FOR DOGS ARE TO HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY NEW DOG WAS ALMOST $ 100!!!!- Katherine

Is it Better to be Rich or Happy?

I think it's better to be happy because when you're happy then you don't have to worry about money(money can make you unhappy!) for example, you don't have to count money or spend it.
Another reason I think it's betterto be happy rather than rich is if you re happy then you don't have to be like this"Where should I hide my money next, here there or where!'' And that does not sound happy:)! -Sarah C.

Ithink Happy because you can be rich at the same time you can have -limols -mansions-mustangs- lambagenegs -hot tubs -pitchers-art -clothes-money-speed boats-$1.000 and make peace on earth and buy a tickiet to freedomand happpynessis good god loves us you can be happy at the same time we can LOVE GOD always always always we can LOVE alot of things. WE LOVE GOD !!!!!!WE LOVE GOD!!!!!!!!! -Anna

I thank it would be better to be rich but I would never us it ubouve my power .First I would buy my own baseball stadium and a football stadium and a basket ball cort and a jim and then I would give 2,000,ooo to charady then buy a manchin and then a human cadapalt then buy stuff for random people because I am AWSOME LIKE THAT :):):) -Zane

I want to be rich beacause Ican go to college, Ican be a scitentict, my face can be in the Mount Rushmore, I can be the king of Earth, I can rure the universe, and the best of all I can be ... famous! Ican have my own castle, mansion, or the white house. I can have my own game room, meteor room, dragon room,and mobile suit Gundam room.(This is popular in Japan.Its a robot that fights EVIL.) -Haruki

Happy! It is better to be happy not rich because being rich can't buy you love happyness buys you love. Happyness is the tickit to freedom. Let there be peace, love, freedom & happyness on earth. being happy helps you & other people too!-Annabelle

I want to be rich because I want moey and buy a limo a mansion and everything. I would be famous give people 200 dollars every Monday and give people money. I would give 1;000;000;000;000 dollars to people that are poor and so poor and buy a land thats 200 kilometers and 1;0000;0000;0000;000 inches. I would name it Azams Ali's and would have my face on it.-Azam

Happy:) it is better to be happy because I think life is to be happy not sad .Also because it's good to be joyfull and HAPPY. -aLEX:)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Party 2011

What a fun afternoon we had! Thanks to all of our parents who planned the afternoon, to those who sent in so many goodies, and to all who came to help and join in the fun.